Here's another great organization that was on hand at the North Dakota Sportsman's Expo this past weekend. The North Dakota Cattlewomen organization is a non-profit organization that promotes the beef industry. Its mission is to share "the beef is good for you" message to children through a number of different activities both in schools and on site.

One of the examples I saw at the expo of the way they accomplish this is by playing games with factoids of beef in the wheel that you would spin for prizes. There were also samples available and they had their District 6 representatives available to answer any questions you might have.

These organizations are very important because of the mixed message that sometimes is relayed in the media about the negative effects of beef and beef products to your health. It is refreshing to see what they are trying to do in the community by promoting a positive message to offset that and present the facts unfiltered about the products.

It was fun to Interview Peggy as well!


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