In life, we all face moments where the road could take us to a bad place

This is a story about a public figure who made some bad decisions, reached his very rock bottom, and now faces a crucial time in his life where he can change things for the better. Alcohol is a killer, and those that have surrendered to it can very easily let it ruin their lives.

With all the wrong moves, the first right one can save your life

According to apnews "North Dakota Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger announced Tuesday he will resign, one day after he was jailed after allegedly passing out drunk in a hotel room that wasn’t his" The story goes on to say the Rauschenberger was refusing to open the door to the cleaning staff. Police were called and the commissioner was brought in ( not arrested ). Rauschenberger has had some trouble with alcohol-related incidents in the past. This lasted one has caused him to make a life change.

An announcement last Tuesday to North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum

This was the first step for a brand new start for Ryan Rauschenberger. In an e-mail to the Governor obtained by the apnews, they reported that along with his resignation, he added something that could save his life  “my recovery needs to be my main focus. I don’t believe I can fully execute all of the duties of the office I hold while focusing on recovery.” That's the best news of all.

When you are defeated physically and mentally, it takes courage and commitment to stay on the right path of recovery

On a personal note, things happen in life for a reason. This is a wake-up call for Ryan, and I wish him the best of luck in his recovery. There Is a way out.

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