Well I overheard someone in the store yesterday make a rather bold statement

My curse so to speak, is that I have really good hearing - "Wow that guy sure is goofy-looking..." - I hear that a lot, of course, those who say that are pretty certain there is no way I could hear that, since they are clear across the store almost. After the results of Saturday's North Dakota State Football game, yesterday this gentleman couldn't care less if the whole city could hear his disappointed statement - while wearing a UND hat, he rumbled out loud "EVEN I could have made that kick" 

"That Kick" was just an easy chip shot for Montana State - an Extra point attempt in overtime

Imagine sitting in the stands at Bobcat Stadium in Bozeman, Montana, overtime - the score was 35-34 Bison, the Cats had just scored a touchdown and needed only a 20-yard kick - that's it - "EVEN I could have made that kick"     - maybe, unless you have a guy by the name of Hunter Poncius - who with one big bear claw swipe of his arm silenced and crushed the hearts of Bobcat fans everywhere.

"The Bozeman Block" will go down in the fondest memories of North Dakota State Bison Football

Here is the play that people will be no doubt talking about for years to come...

NCAA Championships YouTube

NDSU 35 Montana State 34 Final

For the 4th time in 5 years, NDSU eliminates Montana State from the playoffs. Bison now moves on to the quarterfinals where they face South Dakota this Saturday. This is what the postseason is all about - heart-pounding drama!


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