The North Dakota State Bison national championship football team visited Washington, D.C. earlier this week.

Back in January, the Bison defeated Eastern Washington in the FCS national championship game, 38-24 to finish off a perfect 15-0 campaign for their 2018 season.

President Trump treated the Bison to a plethora of Chick-fil-a and McDonald's served on a silver platter, literally.

It was the first time the Bison have been invited to the White House, despite having won FCS championships in seven of the last eight years.

NDSU head coach Matt Entz said in an interview with the Grand Forks Herald:

This isn’t a political trip, this is a Bison trip and, personally, I sold it as two things: It’s one more opportunity for the 2018 team to be together, but also in my mind the start of the 2019 season and the things we’re going to do together.



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