The City of Mandan has recently adopted new guidelines for murals on commercial properties and local artists are taking advantage of the rules. 

Artist Melissa Gordon is currently working on a mural for the Bearscat Bakery building in Mandan. She is doing this as the new mural guidelines in Mandan are allowing her to do so.

Those guidelines are as follows: 

Building Mural Guidelines Section 105.5-1 (j9) of municipal code requires approval by the Mandan Architectural Review Commission for any wall mural prior to it being painted on any building. A rendering of the proposed artwork will be required. Please consult with the City of Mandan Planning Department for application information, phone 667-3225. These guidelines apply for public murals viewed from the exterior of a building. 1. The mural or art must not be installed on the front of the building as determined by the property’s street address. Sides or alleys are most appropriate. a. If the proposed mural is on the side of a building exposed to view from a street or if it faces single-family residential properties, then: i. The Mandan Architectural Review Commission will require two meetings for its consideration. ii. The Planning Department will provide notice by mail within 1 week of its receipt of the application to owners of adjacent properties and properties facing the proposed location within 300 feet. 2. The mural or art may not convey a commercial message. Any words incorporated into the mural must be artistic in nature and not a dominant feature of the art. 3. Murals must not contain illustrations or words that involve nudity, obscenity, political messages, or that are discriminatory in nature. 4. The art may not cover significant historic or architectural elements of the building. This includes but is not limited to marble, granite, and glass block. This restriction does not apply to concrete blocks. 5. Materials used should be appropriate to the environment and surface upon which the mural will be applied to ensure durability and longevity. 6. If the building owner is not the applicant, evidence of owner approval must be provided in the form of a written letter of consent. 7. Maintenance of the artwork will be the responsibility of the building owner.

Adopted by the Mandan City Commission on Aug. 21, 2018

That's really good news for local artists to get their word and art out there!


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