So we are at the stage of the season that has all of our favorite teams cutting big name players . So how do we deal with it emotionally ? 

NFL teams have begun cutting and trading big name players that have a lot of cap money attached to them. My Seahawks parted ways with two big time players Michael Bennett and Richard Sherman. Other teams were forced to make moves as well like the Rams parting with LB Alec Ogeltree, and  the Panthers with RB Johnathan Stewart.

As a fan its tough to see you're team part with these players especially since you won championships with them but its the business of the NFL. Here's some ideas to deal with it emotionally:

  1. Don't go on the internet: Take a break from all sports news because it will lead to depression.
  2. Try not to wear any team gear: Every time you look in the mirror you will be reminded of the player you lost, so get a new wardrobe for the short term.
  3. Adopt a big picture perspective:  Your coach /GM tandem is still intact and they built this team so have faith that they can do it again. Look at the cons of the players they dropped... Maybe they were injured, maybe they were too outspoken and became a distraction, focus on that.
  4. Have a couple of beers to forget about it: Not encouraging alcoholism, but if you're of age its OK to drown your sorrows a little so you can get past the shock of those players that were let go.
  5. Get into another sport: March Madness is about to begin so what better way to forget about one sport than get into another.
  6. Get a Girlfriend /Boyfriend: That will definitely get your mind off that stuff but might lead to a whole other slew of issues if you're not careful.

One other way to get over it is Stop being a wuss and man up! These things happen and since you don't own the team, you are at the mercy of their decisions so get over it and have a little faith:)

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