It was a weekend of upsets and head-scratchers.In the NFL sometimes there are weekends like this. Weekends where there are no rhyme or reason on why certain games happen. This was one of those weekends:

  • The Browns beat the Panthers, this could be two teams going in different directions. This Panthers team was 6-3 at one point this year.
  • The 49ers Beating the Broncos.  The QB Mullins put up 332 in that game for San Francisco ( he's the third-stringer by the way). I thought the Broncos had Von Miller.
  • Steelers showing each week that they are really not ready for greatness. The Raiders? They'll probably win the division but that's about it.
  • Who could forget though the play of the week ... Miami shocks New England on the last play of the game to win... Unbelievable!

There are so many storylines that have been generated by a week like this I'm sure the talking heads on radio and TV will have fun with this for the next couple of games.

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