So you're trying to be creative in your gift ideas, let us help.

Ok he plays an instrument or he goes to shows on the weekends but he's a professional during the week.  Here's how to mix the two without having him lose his job.

Heavy Metal Rock Band

Rock Your Desktop

Rock the workday away with this heavy metal troupe of desk sculptures. Using found materials and a hint of humor, sculptor Fred Conlon welds, shapes, bends and gives new life and personality to objects whose usefulness has expired—a rusty screw morphs into a microphone and forgotten metal scraps become a musical focal point in your home. Handmade in Salt Lake City, UT. Each sold separately.

It's pretty funny and creative at the same time. Could remind you of who you are every day which is pretty cool, I would find a way to fasten them to your desk or computer. I can totally see someone trying to steal them. 

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