At the tail end of this long weekend, the games today did not disappoint.

As Aaron Rodgers tries to figure out who to throw to on his team with all the injuries, it's good to see Kirk Cousins coming out party tonight against the Pack. Here are some other observations:

  • The Eagles are still alive, coming back against the Giants ... The Giants?? Hey, a win is a win.
  • The Steelers tried everything to lose against the Broncos. Luckily for them, it finally worked.
  • Who knew the Seahawks Carolina game would become a mini track meet? I didn't. Mccaffery is a stud, and so is Russel Wilson.
  • Great to see the Browns on the winning end of a mini blowout. It was even greater to see Baker Mayfield say publicly what we all knew about Hugh Jackson, that he wasn't very good.
  • Finally, don't look now but the Colts are coming! Andrew Luck is finally healthy and it will be interesting down the stretch.

It looks like the Playoff picture is starting to shape up nicely, can't wait to see who gets in in the coming weeks. 

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