It's not a reason to drink and ride. 

The House voted 91-1 on a bill to allow intoxicated people to bike or saddle up. The bill now goes to the Senate to get approved.

Even though the Bill prohibits DUI's,  there could be other criminal offenses like traffic offenses and speeding.  Then again also look at the dangers involved with operating a Bike or riding a horse when you are not coherent, and the damage you can be liable for if you run somebody over or damage property.

Bottom line, it's not a good idea to do this regardless of a DUI or not. At least we can have our law enforcement focus on other pressing matters like vehicle DUI's and other crimes.

So as it stands, if the State Senate approves this, drunk riders will not be prosecuted in the state of North Dakota for that crime.  Hopefully, this is just a technicality, not a license for people to do it. 


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