So apparently there is a big storm that's about to hit us tonight into Saturday but does it really matter ? 

Schools do close during storms but really does it even matter if there is a storm or not in this town ? So much snow hits us on a day to day basis it's almost just annoying rather than some type of hazard.

Originally I was concerned about the snowfall when I first got here but then after a couple of dumps I got used to it. The funny thing is though, apparently its been a pretty light winter for Bismarck standards so I can imagine how it must be normally.

Usually in New York when it would snow, everything would shut down mainly because of the accident factor, but it was always a great time to out to the bar and like Reo Speed Wagon said.. ride the storm out!

Anyway, hopefully you enjoy your Friday in the snow, make sure you make some hot chocolate and remember to get to work son...Or you can Hide out at the Elbow room .. trust me I won't tell !

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