The film is out and will be available on youtube and possibly CNN, Netflix, or the Travel Channel.

While Dave Sabbath did a masterful job representing the state in this 45-minute beer documentary, it is worth noting how Bismarck -Mandan was portrayed in it compared to Fargo ( which is known globally from the film ). I think we stacked up pretty good.  There was a great sense of community and we held our own right in the Beer world as well.

After seeing it last night, it looked like the most LOCAL city was Bismarck-Mandan whereas Fargo was some suburb of Minnesota.

It is worth to note that overall the state was represented really well as some diamond in the rough that no one knows about. I can totally see people visiting more after this one hits.  That can be a good thing or a bad thing 

Overall, we like our events, we like our culture and of course, we LIKE OUR BEER !!!

Here's Epsiode one below:


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