So Hollywood has struck gold with Revivals of Will and Grace and most recently Rosanne, and I beg the question .... Who's next ?

I heard the 30 Rock is about to get revived which to me is kinda puzzling because I actually didn't think that show ended. Other shows like Seinfeld, Friends,  Mad About You etc... Were rumored to get revived but have since denied it. I actually would love to see Chips get a second chance as well as Cheers.

Cheers would be interesting because there could actually be a decent revival with a whole new cast as long as the writers are the same. Those guys used to go through characters like water in it's heyday. I would also love to see Woody Harrelson try to play innocent Woody again knowing what we know about him now.

Here's the question though ... what shows would you like to see revived ?


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