So Thursday is gonna be a beautiful and of course "hot" night. Halter tops and flip flops will invade the Dakota Zoo for Brew at the Zoo! Plus, this year adding barbecue! Technically now " Brew And BBQ At The Zoo"!  For goodness' sakes y'all, we may have struck on the ultimate summer spectacle. Imagine if you will- a trip to the zoo without them meddlesome kids. Can you picture it?

Cameron Spencer
Cameron Spencer

Just you and your spouse, your friends, otters, brewers, and BBQers.

What more can I tell you?

Well, I can give credit to the people that you'll meet. Hopefully they're all there Thursday- just spreading the word.

Sample from locals like McQuade Distributing, Stonehome, Black Leg, Bismarck Brewing, Buffalo Commons, Laughing Sun, Bird Dog, Gideon's, and maybe more as folks are scratching for a spot for this one night adult only zoo extravaganza...pus BBQ!

Let's hear it for the Brother's Keepers Motorcycle Club that's adding the sauce to the 2020 Brew at the Zoo, by hosting a barbecue contest where we all win!

Turkey Legs

You'll be able to sample all the entries and cast your vote for the People Choice.

BUT WAIT! Looks like a Walrus is coming to the zoo too!  Elks as well. Seems like Cloverdale and Blarney Stone's gonna be there.  Maybe more today's wacky world these folks will all try to be there and you should too.

My personal aside- we need to have some form of personal respect, although not required, toss a mask in your pocket and put it on your face where people are getting close.

Gonna be warm- so consider those tube tops and banana hammocks and get your tickets in advance here or at the door.

The McMahon Brothers will be playing and that's a pretty darn good summer soundtrack.

Thursday, August 20th 6 PM to 9 PM at the Dakota Zoo. Must be 21 to attend.

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