Now there is a lawsuit pending to get the NFL to do the game over? Please!

According to ABC news:

A New Orleans attorney filed a lawsuit Tuesday morning against the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell, on behalf of New Orleans Saints season ticket holders and its fan base, to compel Goodell to enforce a NFL rule that would allow the result of Sunday’s NFC Championship game to be reversed, replayed in its entirety or from the point of the controversial non-call.

This is a joke and one I don't see anyone from Bismarck Mandan doing if the Bison lost on a call like this. The outrage started from the head coach Sean Payton, who wouldn't let it go in his press conference then it went to the owner who released a statement to the NFL. So now the rabid fans think there is an actual legitimate grievance about losing and here they come. There are billboards being bought up in Atlanta saying how the Saints were robbed,  the aforementioned lawsuit to have the game replayed, and things like 500,000 signature petitions to have the call overturned.

The one thing they failed to realize was that they still had to stop the Rams the next series and they got the ball to open overtime and promptly turned the ball over.

The more I hear news of this, the more I fell sorry for the silent majority of the Saints fanbase because these people are not making them look good.

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