Bike Night opened last night at Sickies Garage in north Bismarck with a bang! The music was blasting, the beer was flowing and the bikes were rolling in for an impressive first turnout of the season.

This is the sixth straight summer we've celebrated bikers and their tight-knit community with Bike Night. It was a fun party complete with painless tattoos, pitch and putt games with Indian Mortorcycle, and some of the craziest bikes in The North Dakota area.

We had the North Dakota Flagpole Guy putting flags everywhere, Roughrider Harley Davidson showing off their latest creations and who could forget Extreme Sales and their beautiful bike trailer on display for everyone to see.

It was a great first event with many more to come. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take something for this hangover! In the meantime check out this photo gallery that captured some of the highlights from last night's festivities.

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