Does the bit on How I Met Your Mother work ?

Don't know if you've ever seen The How I Met your Mother episode where in Robin Schebatzky gets surprised after going to the bathroom on a blind date at her place only to find her date buck naked on her couch... Pretty Funny stuff. After seeing that episode a couple of times, I wondered if that move worked in real life so I found a message board that featured it and here are some posts.

 The message board is Ask Men 

Yep with a one night stand, she laughed, we had sex, I left. Pretty much the expected thing. Would do again

  • [–]somanyrupees

    Haha yes, we laughed then had sex.

    Don't do it unless she is horny and/or has a wicked sense of humor.


    Show is correct that it's something of a risky strategy, but can pay off. Show is not correct where it posits a 2/3 success rate.


    I've had it done to me. I didn't think it was a good time because I didn't feel comfortable enough with him to have sex. I kind of felt like it was being pushed on me. That being said I drove him home and we never talked again.

     Pretty Funny ... My opinion is that you have confidence and personality  you can do anything to get the girl even put yourself out there with such a ballsy move. What a great episode !

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