So you find yourself driving on a 5+hour trip somewhere  ... here are some songs that will help you make it a fun ride.

Say you get a good fare and you have to fly out of Minnepolis to get where you're going right?  So you find yourself waking up at 3am to get on 94 for the 6+ hour ride in the middle of the darkness.

After about an hour and 3 pinches you're trying to figure out why the hell did you do this. Then the radio comes on and you hear Everybody wants some by Van Halen  followed by Rock you like a Hurricane from the Scorpions and all of a sudden you are so amped up, you find yourself in the Twin Cities in no time !  This is what that list is for. I've done about 20 of those types of trips and for me it's all in the music selection to keep me going so here's a list you can possibly use :

Doors : La Woman : Good driving song at the beginning of a trip or end NOT MIDDLE (too low tempo). This song puts your trip in perspective.

Metallica : For Whom the Bell Tolls : One of those jolt songs that you need to watch out for because it could have you fistpumping so much you wil swerve your car. Also don't stop for a homeless guy when this song is on because you might wind up punching him in the face by mistake.

Jimi Hendrix: All alone in the Watchtower : Another song that gets you hyped up in any part of the trip, you would like to play this at the end so when you get out of the car you're ready to rock and roll.

Rush: Subdivisions: That synthesiser rocks ! Just make sure no beer is in the car when this comes on . That Canadian music can have an effect on you.

Pink floyd : Time rolling into the Great gig in the sky: Pretty trippy for a car ride but I like imadgry and reflection music sometimes  espescially after talking a long ride home after having some fun times with a chick or if you find yourself in the middle of the Arizona  Desert ..

Led Zeppelin: Immigrant song: You're fading out somewhere between Jamestown and Moorhead ( after not stopping in Fargo because well,  you dont like Fargo people sometimes) This song is better than a double Monster Loca Moca ! I think it would be even better if you were a Vikings fan . Zeppelin rules.

If you're looking for another list of driving songs thats not as cool as mine ( lol)

here's one from Thrilllist ... but I have to warn you it has Liz Phair on it.



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