So Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler has decided to embark on a solo tour and release a documentary. Here's our take on it: 

According to Henne Music  The new documentary is called Out On a Limb and it talks about how he made his 2016 country album "We're all Somebody from Somewhere" as well as the concept of him touring by himself and getting himself ready mentally for that endeavor.

Watching a documentary about the passion, drive, and creative process someone goes through while they are shifting gears can be almost be inspiring to all of our lives.  I would be totally able to relate to the struggles he most likely went though.

Obviously though in my case it wouldn't be at the level of an international superstar that Steven Tyler is with all the stress and the addictions he's had to deal with over the course of his career. That's what makes this story so compelling, our peek into the life of a rock-star when he is being human.

I am looking forward to watching it when it comes out in May. After listening to a couple of songs on that country album, I will say though It doesn't sound like a typical Country album, It sounds like an Outlaw Steven Tyler album  ... Not Bad!

Now Come and Play Bismarck !!


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