Do you believe in UFOs? That universal question has been asked for decades. Some people refuse to believe that out of the vast unexplored universe there could be elsewhere. The brilliance of today's technology is simply this, we can take footage shot from someone's cell phone, and show it to a famous rock star who probably doesn't know where his left shoe is. All of this makes for ingenious entertainment!

'The Osbournes Want To Believe' on the Travel Channel

Yes, THE Osbournes have a television show. Rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon, plus their son Jack put out a unique twist on anything that may raise an eyebrow here and there. They will tackle any subject from Big Foot, to the Loch Ness Monster, and even touch on a video taken in Shakopee, Minnesota. The beauty of this show is just the rawness of a rock star icon, Ozzy Osbourne. When his youngest son Jack tries to convince him with videos of persuasion (proof of say a UFO), Ozzy and his skeptical fight always bring pure entertainment.

September 2018 A man in Shakopee, Minnesota filmed what he thought was a UFO over a Walmart

Just a couple of weeks ago, on their show, Jack showed this video to his mom and dad. The unscripted humor began. The failure to pronounce Shakopee was one of the triggers that delivered laughs, "Shack - O-Pee" was heard, and other missed attempts for at least 30 seconds at saying the city name correctly. Ozzie and his wife Sharon's faces unraveling as they tried to decide if the video was real or fake. The sheer beauty of all three of them analyzing every second was just comedy poetry in motion.

So now it's your turn, to watch the video and let us know IF YOU BELIEVE!

You can catch their show on the Travel Channel Sunday nights.


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