A couple of weeks ago I ran into a firefighter from a local Bismarck fire station at the store. He had a full basket with several food items - celery, vegetables, potatoes, and other items that spelled out a man on a mission. I know from previous encounters with others in that line of work, that usually each individual takes turns cooking for others back at their home away from home. On this occasion, the polite gentleman laughed when I asked him what was on the menu for his crew that night - he added that he is not the best cook in the world, but he'll do his best to fake it. I brought up how tough it must be to always be on-the-ready when they working. Most men and women work a certain matter of days on then three or four days off. What do firefighters do when MAYBE there is some extra downtime?

Well, I got a partial answer to my question this morning when I saw this story - KFYR TV reported last night "After returning home from a 30-day mission in Jordan, Mont., firefighters with the North Dakota Forest Service are headed to Eugene, Ore. Two engines and six firefighters left for Oregon Thursday morning to help state law enforcement battle the Holiday Farm Fire".

That's amazing to me, you work hard here in town, and then just like that you are off to another State, another city giving all you got, that is sheer dedication big-time. Their squad Boss Hunter Noor says his crew goes where they are needed on this latest Oregon trip - they'll be available out on the line or for structure prevention. I hope everyone feels the way I do and is proud of OUR Bismarck Firefighters ( Men and Women ). Check out more of this story by clicking here.


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