During the sessions for his next solo LP, Ozzy Osbourne could end up doing 'Crack Cocaine.'

Don't worry about the sober-once-more legend relapsing, however. As he explained during a recent interview with Consequence of Sound, that's the name of one of the songs he's working on with an eye toward recording it after he's finished with Black Sabbath's next (and allegedly final) album and tour.

"I’ve written three songs: One is called 'Crack Cocaine,' one is called 'Mr. Armageddon' and I can’t remember the other title," said Osbourne. "See, as I’m doing this Black Sabbath thing, I’m not just sitting on my butt watching the days go by. I’m 66 in a couple of weeks, so I ain’t got that many living years, that’s for sure. The essence of what I’m saying is, I don’t want to finish the Black Sabbath tour and go, 'Ah, what do I do now?' So as I’m getting downtime, I am doing some writing when I can."

Other than a sense of his own mortality, Osbourne finds himself driven these days by a nagging perfectionism. "I always say I haven’t made my 'Sgt. Pepper,' meaning the pinnacle of the greatest band ever," he continued. "For the Beatles, it was 'Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,' and if I say any one of the past albums is my 'Sgt. Pepper,' that means that every other one is on a downer. I’m a perfectionist, and I strive for that one album."

One thing you probably won't hear are socially conscious anthems like those favored by artists such as Bono of U2, who Osbourne said "pisses me off" and added, "It’s phony. Besides, personally I think we get bad news all the time. When people want to listen to music, they want to get away from bad news. They want to go to concerts and have fun. Whenever I see somebody going on about, 'I’d like to bring your attention to the plight of the blue whale,' yeah, we know all that. We want to be entertained. If you feel that bad, you do something!"

Not that "doing something" necessarily absolves a person from Osbourne's scorn. "In Beverly Hills, every week there’s some charity for some bulls--- thing. I went to one two weeks ago, me and my wife, and it was to bring attention to this guy’s son who died from a drug and alcohol overdose," he continued. "Everyone was drunk! Bloody nuts! I’m telling you the truth. I go, 'Hold on, I know why they’re giving alcohol, because they will get someone to buy the raffles.'"

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