The Mandalorian, a new Star Wars spinoff TV show on Disney+, has so far done a good job of concealing the identity of its main character in its pilot episode "Chapter 1," which premiered November 12.

We know The Mandalorian is a gun-slinging bounty hunter, and we know he's played by Game of Thrones actor Pedro Pascal. But that's about it. The mystery has even led to a pretty convincing theory that the Mandalorian is actually Boba Fett in disguise.

But all that was shattered in a recent press kit interview with Pascal. The actor details his character process, shares his inspirations, and then seemingly out of nowhere, he (unintentionally? intentionally?) spills the actual name of his character. There's a moment of hesitation right after he says it, hinting that this could have been an accidental reveal. The moment comes at about the 2:30 mark:

Whoop! There it is. The Mandalorian's real name is "Dyn Jarren" (pronounced DIN JAH-REN). That's a huge information bomb to drop so subtly, especially since the character's identity has yet to be revealed in the show. Plus, it officially puts our suspicions of a possible Boba Fett connection to rest. While we may not have ever heard of this Dyn Jarren fellow, hopefully, things will be cleared up in the next episode. And lucky for us, "Chapter 2" airs tomorrow, November 15.

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