Peter Frampton has made a lot of music over the course of his distinguished career, and it can be tough keeping track of it all — even, evidently, for some of his more committed fans.

As proof, we point you to a recent Twitter exchange between Frampton and some followers who'd really love it if he added some Humble Pie to his live set. In and of itself, this isn't a big deal — Frampton recorded some classic cuts with the band during his brief tenure between 1969-71 — but as one fan learned the hard way, the answer is bound to be no if you ask him to perform something they recorded after he left the lineup.

The song in question, "30 Days in the Hole," originally appeared on Smokin', the record the band released following Frampton's departure in late 1971. He politely turned down the request, adding a friendly disclaimer pointing out the continuity error.

Frampton's response apparently opened a social media can of worms, with series of Humble Pie queries following on the heels of the original request. Although the original tweet has since been deleted, Frampton responded to one fan by writing, "I'm not Steve Marriott and the answer is still no!!!"

And even when it comes to songs Frampton recorded during his Humble Pie tenure, he'd rather focus on the past, present and future of his solo career — as evidenced by his response to a request that he perform their version of "I'm Ready." "You seem to want Humble Pie," quipped Frampton, "and half of us are dead!"

Ultimately, Frampton made it clear that his Humble Pie legacy is a chapter from his past that he isn't interested in constantly exhuming in concert — although, as he reminded his followers, the records are always there for anyone who wants to listen.

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