This show is right around the corner ( I mean that as far as the date is concerned )

So NOW another show is coming up pretty soon, and like all the others I have written about, you NEED to make this a whole weekend - mark this date down - Saturday, June 3rd  - just a 152-mile drive from Bismarck - Check it out, here is what I would do - take a couple of seconds and do it right, go to and book a room at 4 Bears Casino And Lodge.

The best medicine for "Poison" by far

Bret Michaels is due to hit the stage Saturday, June 3rd, along with Jefferson Starship  - How about that for a cool combo? Bret by the way, this past January released a single solo "Back In The Day"  Here is what reported back on January 18th - "Bret, who toured with POISON as part of "The Stadium Tour" last summer, will hit the road in July for a limited run of live dates for his 2023 "Parti-Gras" tour"

4 Bears Casino gets Bret out here earlier... ignore what said - check this out - and it comes from 4 Bears themselves  "Are you ready for a good time, North Dakota? Brett Michaels is hot off a stadium tour and making a special stop at 4 Bears Casino on June 3. Hear him play all his Poison and solo hits like “Nothin’ But A Good Time,” “Every Rose,” and “Talk Dirty To Me.” But he’s not alone….Joining him is one of the top bands of the ‘80s—Jefferson Starship. Two Legends, one night"

So there you have it, make plans NOW and save the "Dirty Talk" for Bret on June 3rd!



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