Bernatellos foods Purchased the Valley city staple back in 2016 and it came with mixed reviews. here's how they're doing now. 

Apparently, the reviews that have currently come in about this brand are all positive.  Everything from the position of the meat under the cheese to the texture of the sauce, to the type of sauce, is an upgrade from the old brand.

Here are some quotes to note from

Inside the package, the most remarkable change is the location of the meat and toppings. We have a joke at our house that Pizza Corner toppings are placed using a t-shirt cannon. I like to imagine having that job – shooting pepperoni out of a t-shirt cannon at a line of pizzas and hoping for the best. The meat and toppings on the new pizzas are now located underneath the cheese. Like the new packaging, this is somewhat of an industry standard. I also anticipate this to be thing people scoff about most. I think people really like the Canadian bacon smiling up at them when they open the package.

The new placement of the toppings is not a big concern for me. The taste is right. The crust is right. The meat is more flavorful because the cheese takes the brunt of the browning process. The only difference between this pizza and the old-style Pizza Corner is the loft.

The changes in packaging and the changes to how the ingredients are placed are to simplify manufacturing. Bernatello’s Foods makes several other brands of pizza, and now all can be assembled in the same way while still retaining the uniqueness of each pizza brand.

Another thing to note is that some of Pizza Corner's old styles of pizza have been reimagined. Styles like Deliciously Deluxe have added ingredients like green olives Canadian bacon and pepperoni to existing mix of mushrooms, green peppers and onions.

That's great that the purchase of this brand turned out to be an upgrade.  Now I think I want some pizza for dinner! 

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