Traffic is a mess today. 

It could be a weather situation, it could be an Ice situation,  but the roads are treacherous today so please be safe. I 94 westbound is backed up for four miles with cars in ditches due to heavy accidents on the road.

According to KFYR: 

The Bismarck Police Department says they responded to dozens of car accidents in the last several days.

BPD public information officer, Lynn Wanner, says the department responded to 57 wrecks between Friday and Monday afternoon.

Wanner says 12 of those accidents are from Monday alone.

Police say last week between the same time frame the department had responded to 47 accidents and the week prior to that one 49.

Lots of ice and windshield visibility has to do with this round of traffic issues on the road today. Patience is needed to navigate this mess today as well as knowledge of outer roads and alternate routes. 

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