Are you tired from your run-down boring four bedroom house? The dreadful holiday season when your in-laws, distant cousins invade your household for yet another thanksgiving. Your extra annoying brother ( with the holes in his socks ) camped out on the sofa, snoring his way through five helpings of turkey. Your house becomes a nightmare.

I have a way out from your pain, ditch your digs, and build a home out of hemp! You heard me right. A new Bismarck-based business is experimenting with plant-based building materials to construct homes and buildings.How is this possible you say? You also question how hemp can be anything more useful than someone smoking it for medicinal purposes.

"Hemp's super light and airy, but it's super strong, so you could get a house that is  super well insulated that can deal with climates like North Dakota" said owner of Homeland Hempcrete Matt Morina. He even plans to build his first home completely out of hemp by next year.

So in the near future, you may be able to bask in your roomy hemp living room, just make sure when you get the munchies, that you don't eat the bathroom by mistake.

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