The story of the coronavirus keeps getting more intense, with more cases being reported every day, and causing havoc in our economy. We are seeing more and more places of business shut down. The need for people to "Stay Home" is encouraged, to self quarantine. The reason why many people are alarmed, and starting to panic is simple-so many survive and live pay-check to pay-check. Once that's been halted or suspended, what can you do?

There is a new plan in the works, for our government to prevent a worse recession. This past Monday,Sen. Mitt Romney called out for every American adult to receive a $1,000 check immediately, with the idea of helping us get through these tough times. This kind of aid has been done before in years past, twice. President Trump has given his approval.

Seems like a monstrous task to me, but it also makes sense. The feeling of getting "socked in the stomach" and stunned how rapid this whole virus situation has become, our country needs this. For more on this, click here.

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