christopher furlong GettyImages-127485577
christopher furlong GettyImages-127485577


Apparently, if you suffer from the effects of the common cold you're in luck!

So the BBC is reporting that there might be a new drug that would cure a common cold in the testing phase in Great Britan. Ok, that's great guys, but how about saving that $$ that went into that project and investing in tougher illnesses like Cancer?

For some reason, things that are a luxury in science seem to get fixed before pressing things like deadly illnesses and disorders. So yes I'm happy that they fixed the common cold but I could've just drunk orange juice before I went out and probably would be ok.

Apparently, tests start in two years for this drug cure and hopefully, it leads to curing other more dangerous viruses. Or Maybe the Queen of England is not interested in that.

You Know Prince Charles and the Queen are somehow connected to this or maybe it's the conspiracy theorist in myself again. 




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