Measure 3 lost on Election Day but here's how they're going to try to get it passed in 2020.

According to WDAY, the legalization bill will have to change it's language before it is represented on the 20/20 ballot:

"Adding the supremacy clause, engagement, it caused a lot of confusion," explained Josh Dryer, a sponsor of the campaign.

He says the Secretary of State told them to put in the supremacy clause.

Critics said it would allow "high driving," and grant smokers the ability to use marijuana just about anywhere.

They're hearing concerns like these and taking them into consideration for 2020.

"If the supremacy clause means that the laws we have in place could not be followed, then it's out," Dryer said.

He told WDAY News they're working with lawyers to make their new bill more palatable and easy to understand before it goes back on the ballot.

The edibles pose a real issue. If there is a way to regulate them to keep them away from families and children, why not legalize.  I think the only obstacle would be regulation and enforcement issues. 

Otherwise ... come on man...... Let's get it done!

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