The president is coming back to Fargo.

As we get closer to midterm elections, sitting presidents are normally more visible to stump for fierce senate and house competitions. So president Trump is coming to Fargo to help Kevin Cramer.

He will be coming on September 7 to the Delta Marriott.

According to operations manager Brett Wigglesworth, there were some issues last time he came to Fargo:

"The biggest thing the last time the president was here was the weather,” Wigglesworth said. “The heat was a big factor in that one, but we kind of just prepare for a lot of different things."

The president is hugely popular in the state. So popular, that people were treated for heat stroke outside of his last rally just for waiting on line to get in because the weather was so hot.

Logistically it will be a better situation this time.

The president helped out agriculture farmers with a $12 billion package in trade aid to hold them over till the trade war is resolved and the USDA is in the process of the ruling when the aid will kick in. We should know by early next week.




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