Well, we are officially into my favorite time of the year, winter! I grew up in San Diego where most of my life I saw weather almost year-round in the '70s. I mean if it rained for like a day in a half, that was the lead news story. When I moved to North Dakota about six years ago, I experienced a seasonal change - the yellow leaves on the ground, sweaters becoming my friend again, and SNOW. The first sure sign that fall is here, to me is the sight of a pumpkin. Halloween quickly comes to mind, the carving, costumes, and kids having a blast. I can't think of a better time than to pack up your kids and head out on the US-83 N route - destination Bottineau!

Starting this Friday, for a full week you can enjoy an event called "Pumpkins In The Park". KFYR reported that The Entrepreneurial Center for Horticultural at Dakota College at Bottineau has harvested hundreds of pumpkins this year. What to do with all the cool pumpkins? A great idea of a safe environment for kids of all ages to come out and celebrate the Halloween season. There will be as many as 250 mini pumpkins hid all around Forestry park and in the city planters on Main Street. A special treat for the kids, they'll be able to take one home - all the pumpkins will have a special DCB logo on them. How much fun is this? There will be 3 special silver pumpkins hidden, and they will be worth some cool prizes. For more on this fun festive event click here.


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