Carson Wentz has mentored Easton on and off for 5 years now and it paid off.

What had started as a responsible thing the starter can do for a rookie has turned into a mentorship that has helped Easton Stick grow.

Easton is a senior and has a shot to enter the NFL draft, so when Randy Hedberg who handles the QB's was reflecting on his years with the Bison, a familiar name came up.

“I think the biggest thing he learned from Carson is how to watch video, how to break defenses down and what they’re looking for,” said Bison assistant coach Randy Hedberg, who handles the quarterbacks. “How a linebacker might be playing in the ‘A’ gap, how they line up, how a safety lines up, how a corner lines up, where his eyes are — those sorts of things.”

Easton Stick is 44-3 as a starter and tied Carson Wentz's single-season TD record last week against Missouri State.

There have been debates locally and nationally on where he would fall in the draft, the only constant in that argument though is his work ethic. It helps that Carson mentored him as well.





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