As the weekend comes to a close, it's good to know that we have survived some record-breaking temperatures.

At Bismarck Municipal Airport, the thermometer read 104 degrees. The last time it was that high was 1978. Minot was up to 105 breaking a 121-year-old record for heat. Dickenson also broke a 2015 record of 102 degrees when it went to 104.

The kicker though was how windy it was. It got up to 25 miles an hour at one point which made it feel like you were in a blow dryer. I was at Lake Isabel yesterday and as soon as I got out of the lake I was immediately dry. That's pretty crazy.

We are done with the extreme heat at least until the end of this week with temperatures dropping to 50's overnight and 70's and 80's through Tuesday.

I understand how crazy the weather is here, but like the fact that it breaks every day and we've been starting off the day’s cool. This is the only place I remember that does that. It just makes it easier to bear.


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