It's called extreme tipping. 

The concept is meant to spotlight the great tippers and of course the servers that received the tip.  What it also does is shed light on the bad tippers and hopefully have them change their ways.

It's shedding light by not involving them.

This is pretty unique for Twitter which most recently has become a soapbox for social issues whether good or bad. This campaign though is a very positive one and hopefully, it's the beginning of a new trend.

Now because it's Twitter, there will be trolls and cynics, the good news is the criticism is minimal.

As I'm sitting back and reading this post it really occurred to me...why can't more of this happen? Why do we have to use social media to bitch and complain about things in our society instead of creating campaigns like this that reward the people that do good in it?

If you want to get involved with this great campaign you can #tipthebill and show that awesome server your gratitude, and hopefully they'll keep sharing their thanks for all to see. 

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