If you ever watched the hit TV show pawn stars, you'll know that Harrison was a pretty big part of the show. Well, his age caught up with him. 

According to Fox News, Richard died in the presence of his family and friends very peacefully.

He apparently came to Vegas and opened the shop in 1988 with his son with only 10,000 and left it as a multimillion-dollar operation complete with a reality show.  Not bad for a Navy veteran who lost a million in real estate.

77 is still kind of young to kick the bucket but not really that young. It looks like this guy lived a full life and was more than pleased with the performance of his Pawn Shop in Sin City.

I actually bought the blades his son was selling on an infomercial mainly because he was good at selling it and the fact that he was on the show as a gatekeeper.

Those blades cut my bald head up, I should've known better than to trust a Pawn Star.

Rest in peace Buddy you will be missed.  

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