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Here's another gift idea for the rock fan in your family.

Those rock fans can be very difficult to please, let alone almost impossible to buy gifts for. I think these suggestions might work though.

The Vintage Record Bottle Opener

Vintage Record Bottle Opener

Groove on your favorite music genre every time you open a refreshing beverage with Jeff Davis's one-of-a-kind, wall-mounted bottle openers. He makes each one from a real vintage vinyl record in your choice of genre: rock, soul, country, or 80's (artists and songs will be random). The stainless steel bottle opener in the center looks just like a 45 rpm adapter, and the "B" side is made of sturdy fiberboard. Hang it in your hangout room, and you and your pals can bop with a brew—or some soda pop. Makes a chart-topping gift for music loving friends and family. Handmade in Philadelphia.

Nothing like having a 45 on your wall that's' useful.  It can really add some dimension to your kitchen or wherever you choose to put it.

I like the fact you can choose your genre and type of record as well.

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