As Christmas approaches, here are some last minute gift ideas you can use for the rock music lover on your Secret Santa list.

One of the great things to know about rock fans or music fans in general is that they like to discuss music with others. In order to do that, it's helpful to know that who you're speaking with is really into music. This gift answers that question.


Personalized Amp Doormat

Yeah if their doormat is an amp, I think you know.

Welcome guests to your home with the power chord appeal of this personalized amp doormat. Designed by graphic artist Jim Holodak, it's personalized with your family name in place of an iconic, rock-solid brand name like Fender. Best used indoors, wherever you like to turn it up to 11... Made in Albany, New York.

Hopefully whoever you get this gift for has some real creativity in his/her apartment, because this doormat can really set the tone.

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