What an eye-opening day in the country. 

This weekend found me driving out to a unique event in Carson, ND. The event was Rods and Rock part of the Grant county fair, a 9th annual event that is embedded in the town and the family that runs it.

Dan Stewart the organizer of the event gave me a really good rundown of the history and purpose of an event like this which showcases classic cars, motorcycles and tractors, yes tractors.  Here's what I learned:

  • The event is a 9th annual event in Carson.
  • The entire Stewart family is and has been involved in this event since the beginning. Even the grandchildren are hustling to sell you ice cream and trust me, they got some skills.
  • The proceeds go to a great cause. The Prairie Learning center in Raleigh, ND. A great organization that helps children from troubled backgrounds develop into positive adults through a number of different programs including counselling.
  • This year's show was dedicated to 12-year-old Motorcycle enthusiast Aiden Martin who passed earlier this year.

It was a great event, a family event. It was pretty evident throughout the day that even though the sign up for the car show was happening, the overall theme of the event stood out... Family and help for others.

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