So the success story of Roseanne is over .... man that Twitter'll kill ya. 

Everything was going too good it seems. The Rebooted show was a massive hit, and also was renewed. The Actors were able to print money and then apparently last night Roseanne made a racist comment on twitter and just like that it's gone.

Roseanne's comedy has always been self-deprecating and dark and this is just another example of it but in this day and age of political correctness and the village square of twitter, it's fatal to anyone's career even hers.

You would think that an artist like her would have somebody managing her Twitter account to filter the spare of the moment thoughts from the coherent ones.  If she did have one though maybe she would still have a show, judging by the people that were already leaving the show anyway maybe it just was the final nail in the coffin from something that was brewing for a while behind the scenes.

Anyway ... Think Before you tweet!


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