In my bike travels yesterday I came upon an interesting site. 


As I was biking River road yesterday, I made a turn-up route 1804 only to see a pretty weird thing in the middle of a pretty suburban yet new development.

It was a Teepee.

Now not being from here I was curious to see if someone actually lived there or if it was a symbol of some type of reservation I was suddenly on. If someone lived there though hopefully there was a type of organic way they would keep cool because it was like 95 degrees and I didn't see an air conditioner sticking out of the side of it.

Then I got to thinking ... do people still live in Teepees in this day and age? I would think it would be pretty cold during winter unless there was some way to heat the thing without it catching on fire.

Anyway, I just thought it was a pretty interesting sight on my bike ride yesterday ... hope I wasn't trespassing. 

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