Don't know if you are into music documentaries, but if they are done right, they can choose the soundtrack of your week pretty easily. 

Last night, I had the pleasure of watching the Netflix Documentary Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage. My expectations going into the documentary were pretty high, as I was curious about the origins of the legendary Canadian band.  Here's what I learned:

  • I thought I knew a ton about this band but I realized I really know nothing compared to what I should know. The depths of musicianship this band has would have to take such a great amount of focus to properly take it in.
  • These guys are probably the most technical musicians in rock history.
  • They all have had normal childhoods but they were all super smart at their crafts.
  • 2112 is not only a fantastic album but it was the album that ultimately saved their careers. At the possibility of losing it all, they decided to double down.  That takes guts!
  • Neil Pert is a monster ... I always knew he was one of the best drummers in rock history but now I know why.
  • I also learned a lot about the Canadian music scene, the scene that probably exists today and has the same hang-ups as it did back then.  There's a reason a lot of these great bands come from Canada. Hmm, I'm thinking a Canadian weekend trip will be coming up soon.

I also learned a great thing to do after watching a documentary is take a drive and listen to an album in context. So if you were by double ditch last night and you saw an FJ driving by blasting Rush, you now know that that was.  


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