Ryan Murphy’s $300 million deal with Netflix left us wondering about his many FX projects in development – and with good reason. The busy showrunner says “I don’t quite know” the fate of either Katrina: American Crime Story or a Feud sequel with Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

As The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story wraps up and American Horror Story Season 8 gears up for a summer production, it’s worth looking at Murphy’s busy schedule. There’s FX transgender ball drama Pose this summer, Netflix projects Ratched and The Politician, and whatever other new series emerge from the prolific showrunner’s expansive streaming deal, so what of other FX projects? Last we heard, the already-delayed Katrina season of American Crime Story was eyed for a fall production start but Murphy now tells Entertainment Weekly he has no idea if and when the project might happen:

I don’t quite know. We’re working on a couple of things. That’s a show where we have a lot of things cooking. We literally just edited the finale last week, so we haven’t made that decision yet. We’re never going to have a Crime Story unless we have the scripts down. I think the reason why Versace went next is because Tom Rob Smith had such a strong take on it. I am not in a rush to move forward with anything unless it’s perfect. So we’ll see what’s next for that.

The same – if not worse – goes for a second season of Feud, which was to focus on the dissolved marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Murphy again pointed toward his Netflix deal, which might put off his less ratings-driven projects indefinitely:

Still talking about ['Feud’ 2]. We’re still deciding it. I have the new Netflix deal and I have all my shows with Fox, I don’t want to do something unless the scripts are ready and the casts are ready. I’m taking my time and just trying to get everything right.

Lest we forget, Murphy was also said to consider another American Crime Story regarding the Monica Lewinsky scandal, though few details have since emerged. The showrunner added “I’m really excited to do something else. I’m excited to explore new worlds and do all different types of programming and make documentaries,” concluding of his Netflix deal that “At least for the near foreseeable future, nothing has changed. It’s business as usual and I’m still there, and we’re all still close and cool.”

We’re still hard-pressed to imagine Murphy finding time for every project (to say nothing of whether Sarah Paulson can star in them all), so stay tuned for the latest.

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