Beer, bars and Santa costumes ... what could be better?

Starting tomorrow from 1-8pm, there will be crowds galore dressed as Santa and the Elves engaged in the art of pub crawling. The national event is known as Santa-Con and it is a bar crawl that celebrates the season by dressing up as holiday characters.

There is some personal familiarity with this event having seen it in action in New York and Connecticut to the tune of massive crowds all dressed in costumes, spilling over major sections of the city.

I don't feel Fargo's event would be at that level mainly because people here are more responsible when they consume and probably have a better tolerance than some guido from the east coast.

Here's the scoop on the event from their website:

Time: 1 pm - 8 pm. Donations requested.

Meet at 1 pm by the VFW, 202 Broadway N

Fargo SantaCon for Charity .... Ho ho ho, and a jolly good time supporting the Gladys Ray Shelter and Veterans Drop In Center. Wear a Santa suit, elf costume, or anything in the spirit of the season. Participating and bars and details still being decided.

Don’t be fooled by non-charity holiday costume events downtown. This is the one that is in the spirit of the season and not only a pub crawl. Invite your friends!

Time to get that Santa suit ready!

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