The new Laughing Sun Brewery opened on Front Street this week so I decided to pop in for a pint yesterday. Here's the review.

It was a beautiful room! The place was packed as usual but the new space is 3 times as big as the old brewery.  As far as beers go, their entire selection was on display with the descriptions hanging above the taps.

I went with the Mckinley Brown first,  it was medium bodied and had a nice malt forward taste. After a couple of them, I switched to the "I Heart ND" Golden Strong ale that had a nice crisp taste to it. It also paired well with the sausage dish I had for dinner.  Speaking of that dish, so good! It had a Queso that had a little spice to it which was the perfect dipping sauce for the sausage. The German potato salad was really good as well.

If you like to see their full menu including beer list click here.

Boreal Gardens, a nice ensemble band complete with tubas performed some great numbers giving it a nice cool Saturday night vibe.

Great night! The ambiance was very relaxed, perfect for groups and dates.

They should have their full menu by this week.


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