After a back to back weekend of parties and bars it was time to Lone wolf it out again and here's what I learned:

I was able to visit three situations this past Saturday night and here's my perspective from those visits.

10:30  The Broken Oar Bar- Very comfortable and friendly. there was a party bus rolling in and a lot of really drunk people coming off it but for some reason, it didn't ruin the night. Bartenders were really friendly and easy to talk to, I almost felt I left the bar too early but there wasn't any music at the time I was into. Did crush three sols when I was there though ( love that beer!).

11:30  Rock point: Snazzy looking bar but I felt if it wasn't packed it would be a tough bar to get into.  The Bar Reminds me of Bucks on the water. It would be interesting to see it during the day on a Saturday afternoon.  It, of course, was pretty slow at the time so I one and done it.

12:30 Lonesome Dove: Loved the feel of this bar, good band on, reminded me of a country version of laughing sun. Very Friendly! Another place I feel like I should've visited earlier because of that down-home North Dakota feel to it.

Good stuff we'll see what next week has to offer!

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