If flying in a World War II Bomber isn't on your bucket list, it really should be.

Bis-Man is in for a treat over Labor Day weekend, as the B-17 Sentimental Journey, a restored WWII bomber plane, has traveled all the way from Arizona and will be on display for the entire weekend. The aircraft was built in 1944 - too late to see any service in Europe - and was assigned to the Pacific theater for the duration of the war. It also served in Manila as a photo-mapping plane, an air-sea rescue craft, and participated in an atmospheric nuclear weapon test series. In 1959, Sentimental Journey's final military orders were cut.

For the last several decades, the restored aircraft has been touring the country, and now makes its stop in Bismarck. It will be available for viewing at the Bismarck Aero Center from 9-5 this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Cost is only $5 to tour the plane. Flights on the Sentimental Journey begin at $425.

I highly suggest getting out to see this aircraft - it is a sight to behold! It was truly an honor to be in the same plane that so many men served our country so proudly.

Check out our pictures below! How can you not want to experience it in person?

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