It's almost time to "let your hair hang down", no pun attended

Well now that we can almost see the end of winter ( Almost ), warmer days are coming and with that, some terrific entertainment is just ahead. Yes, time to "let your hair hang down" and rock with two great "HairBands", and enjoy everything that Prairie Knight Casino and Resort provides. Just an easy and relaxing 47-mile drive from Mandan, Great White and Slaughter will be hitting the stage on August 6th at 7:30 PM. I was out there last year when 38 Special came to Prairie Knights, and that was the first show that so many people could actually enjoy in person just after North Dakota started coming back to live entertainment during COVID.

North Dakota native coming back to rock

The Great White band first came together in Los Angeles back in the late 70s, and fairly recently in 2018 Dickinson's own Mitch Malloy came on board. Malloy came so close to being with Van Halen, after trying out for them when Sammy Hagar departed. As always in life, there are moments of tragedy and Great White experienced that on February 2oth, 2003 when while performing at a nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island, a fire broke out and 100 people died. 19 years later this band is still rocking their fans. Slaughter is a perfect fit for this tour. This four-member group hooked up in the late 80s in Las Vegas. Be prepared for an awesome night of two vintage Hairbands that will bring it to you big-time!





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