You can almost smell how horrific the odor is through the screen.

In the best example why we're grateful why Smell-O-Vision never took off, a truck in Moscow carrying sewage exploded while it sat at a traffic light.

Yeah, it's smell on wheels.

The whole, foul, stinky, odiferous, offensive, stenchy, vile and altogether unpleasant incident was caught on camera -- a camera we're surprised didn't melt under the weight of an aroma that's so pungent it makes your grandma's body odor smell like rainfall at sunrise.

Not only does the truck send excrement flying in every direction from St. Petersburg to Chelyabinsk, but its impact is made worse because there are cars in each of the lanes next to it. Passing lane? Try passing gas lane.

And you think it's annoying when you get stuck next to a car where the driver has his window open while he smokes a Camel.

While the explosion most likely threw everyone for a poop loop, it doesn't appear as if anyone was hurt and traffic was not browned ground to a halt.